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In addition to your body language, your voice largely determines how you come across to the listener. Speaking from authenticity and intention ensures that you let your listeners go home with the desired message.


Learn to control your voice and breathing and find peace with yourself during your presentation, reading a text, speaking in front of a group ...


Our team is ready for you in practice in Ixelles, but online sessions can also be scheduled. Book a free intake interview with one of our team members and discover the possibilities together.

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Anouk De Vleeschhauwer

Speech therapist

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Marie Becker

Speech therapist

Helena Glorieux

Speech therapist

Lieve Van Gool

Clinical Psychologist

"As a spokesperson I find it very important to be well understood and to have a professional appearance when I speak on behalf of my organization. Anouk has helped me with that very well. She was able to analyse perfectly where the difficulties were and she provided a lot of practical exercises that helped to tackle those specific problems". 

Saartje B., singer Excercise BAERT cabaret

“A while ago I got to know Anouk as an tremendously driven and skilled voice therapist. We worked together during several sessions on optimizing the singing voice . The tips I received were very valuable and especially immediately applicable (voice warming, breathing, projection ...). I have just left the recording studio and have been able to use a lot of the tips she gave me. ”


Tine D., city guide Brukselbinnenstebuiten

Working as a city guide in Brussels is very challenging: a lot of environmental noise, large groups ...

Through a better breathing technique and  the recognition of tension , I learned to take better care of my voice. The LaxVox technique has become a habit to warm up and calm my voice.


Iwein J., accordionist Viseur

“I discovered Anouk's work trough social media. For years I wanted to follow speech therapy, but not with just anybody. It turns out to be a golden match. She delivers wonderful work with a broad view of the voice and what you can do to improve it. I can recommend Vocal Speech Therapy, both in terms of speech and singing . ”


Discover the podcast here soon

Make Your Voice Count is een podcast waarin Anouk tips geeft om jouw spreekangst te overwinnen en de spreker te worden die je altijd al wilde zijn. 

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Stronger together.


Our practice remains open as a paramedical profession. We try to give priority to patients in need of care. Individual coaching and training are also possible, but will take place online as much as possible.


These are difficult times for all of us, but if we persevere for a while, we can return to normal life.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the current measures in our practice.


Sharing knowledge and strengthening each other is more present than ever. We share en masse via YouTube, podcasts, social media ...


Via our online courses you can already get started with many things at home and you can follow it at your own pace. There are courses for different target groups, namely speech therapists, teachers and people with a podcast. Courses can also be tailored to your organization.


A lot of new courses are coming up in 2021. Would you like to stay informed? Then sign up for our newsletter.



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Research & publications

As a team, we always start from current scientific evidence and critical thinking. Our training has taught us to look further and to question things. In the meantime there is a proliferation of information due to social media, the internet ... Consulting the correct information is therefore essential. Via this website you can regularly read a number of publications and you will find information on various subjects.

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