These group programs will start in 2021.

These workshops will take place in 2021.


Can I pay via SME portfolio?

For the time being it is not yet possible to pay via SME portfolio. The first steps have been taken to apply for this and register myself as a company. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of administrative work behind the scenes, so it will take a while. I plan to have this in place by late 2021 / early 2022.


Can I receive a purchase invoice from the group course?

An automatic invoice is always sent after you have paid for the workshop.


When will I receive more information about the group course or online course if it is not immediately available?

You can always expect an e-mail two weeks before the start of the group program with all the practical information and to make sure you don't forget it.


What if I cannot be present during the live sessions?

No problem, everything is always recorded and added to the online learning platform. You can watch it afterwards at your own pace.


Is prior knowledge necessary to follow a program?

In itself I always explain everything step by step and you certainly do not need any prior knowledge.


What is the difference between an online course and a group course?

An online course is a recorded workshop. You will follow a digital workshop that I record in advance. This is a spoken PowerPoint, video exercises and written assignments. During a group course, an online course is only one part. I guide you in the meantime on the basis of live sessions (webinars), Facebook group and via e-mail. That way I can follow you very closely and intensively.


Is there a possibility to ask questions about the online courses?

Twice a year I will organize an online question session for each course. That is the ideal opportunity to ask all your questions.


Any other questions?

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