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Vocal Speech Therapy is a practice that focuses exclusively on voice, articulation and presentation techniques. This is for people with voice and articulation disorders as well as professional voice users and singers who want to improve their voice and pronunciation.


Our voice is an important part of how you come across to your listener. Non-verbal communication and intonation are a second part. Of course, the content itself is important, but your voice, intonation and non-verbal communication largely reflect the intention of your message. 


I am still watching how often professional speakers underestimate the power of their voices. I am happy to help them in this search. I offer individual sessions, online courses and training sessions. 


Master's degree in Speech Therapy and Audiological Sciences - Ghent University

Master's thesis: The Validation of the Dutch Singing Voice Handicap Index-10 

Postgraduate Stem - Thomas More University of Applied Sciences

I am also a guest lecturer at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. This from my own background. For years I played the piano, followed classical singing and jazz singing in Part-time Art Education. I am a member of the Intervisiegroep transgenders, Vlaamse Kwaliteitskring Stem and European Voice Teachers Association - Belgium (EVTA-BE).


2020: Basic training in voice acting, dubbing and voice-over - Make Some Voice

2020: Evidence Based Voice Therapy Novafon (NLVVT program) - Novafon Germany

2020: Online course 'Novafon and intra-oral accessories' - Novafon Germany

2020: Online course 'Novafon and voice therapy' - Novafon Germany

2020: Online basic training: Novafon in speech therapy - Novafon Germany

2020: Vox Phonetography - Thomas More University of Applied Sciences

2020: Oromyofunctional Therapy: Advanced Course - KWeC

2020: Vocal massage and myofascial release for elite vocalist - Stephin King (Voice Care Center, London)

2020: Online course "Speak Up" - Stephanie Van Moen

2020: Lax Vox: Introduction workshop - Katrien Eerdekens & Gert Leunen

2019: Biofeedback and trigger points - Einders Education

2019: STEM training: the power of your voice - Katinka Reiss

2019: Speaking to the public - Center for Evening Education

2019: Oromyofunctional Therapy: Basic Course - KWeC

2019: Semi-occluded vocal tract - Gert Leunen

2019: Semi-occluded vocal tract techniques within voice training - AZ Sint-Jan

2019: Voice in transition - Katrien Eerdekens

2019: Clinical study of acoustic voice signals - European Institute ORL

2018: Body and voice: the link - Emmanuelle Trinquesse EVTA-BE

2018: Manual facilitation of the larynx (part B) - Vives University of Applied Sciences

2018: Vibrant Voice Technique: online course - Elissa Weinzimmer

2018: Mindfulness for Children and Young People - SIG

2017: Manual facilitation of the larynx (part A) - Vives University of Applied Sciences

2017: Kinesiotaping speech therapists - Physiographer The Hague

2017: Childhood hoarseness - SIG

2017 - 2019: Part-time art education pop / jazz: singing - Ma'Go

2016 - 2017: Singing voice optimization - Mind the voice

2016: Estill Voice Training System level 1 - TM University

2016: Masterclass for voice professionals - Mind the voice

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