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In Leuven I obtained my Master's degree in Speech Therapy and Audiological Sciences. In my final year, I had the opportunity to do a 10 week internship with Bernadette Timmermans. Here I learned a lot about the guidance of professional speakers and students in training at RITCS. As part of my master's thesis, I investigated whether or not teachers experience more vocal load when teaching a language other than their own mother tongue.


Afterwards, I followed a Master's in Management and Policy in Healthcare and started a Shortened Educational Master's in September 2020 to improve my pedagogical and (professional) didactic skills in a research-based and practice-oriented programme. 

Meanwhile i'm also following an extra 2 years program, postgraduate Voice at the Thomas More Campus.


You can come to me for articulation training, oromyofunctional therapy and voice therapy for organic and functional disorders.


Postgraduate Voice - Thomas More University of Applied Sciences (current academic year)

Abridged Educational Master's degree - KU Leuven (current academic year)

Master of Management in Policy and Health Care - KU Leuven

Master's degree in Speech Therapy and Audiological Sciences - KU Leuven

Master's thesis: Does teaching a second language lead to a difference in acoustic parameters resulting in a higher vocal load?


2020 - 2022: Postgraduaat Stemstoornissen - Thomas More university

2020: Oromyofunctional Therapy 1: Basic Course - OMFT.info

2020: Manual techniques in voice therapy - Thomas More university of applied sciences (Dirk Vanneste & Annelies Labaere)

2020: Kinesio taping in practice: online course - Anouk De Vleeschhauwer

2020: Speaking with impact: online course - Anouk De Vleeschhauwer


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