Anouk De Vleeschhauwer

Speech therapist

Voice and articulation coaching for professional speakers and singers


Voice therapy for organic and functional voice problems


Workshops for companies and online courses for speech therapists


logopedist marie.jpg

Marie Becker

Speech therapist

Voice therapy for organic and functional voice problems


Articulation training and disorders in children and adults


Oromyofunctional therapy in children and adults


logopedist Helena.jpg

Helena Glorieux

Speech therapist

Voice therapy for transgender people


Voice therapy for organic and functional voice problems

Lieve Van Gool

Clinical Psychologist

Individual talk therapy in adults


Nonviolent communication training


Trainings connecting communication

Close cooperation with an external team of experts.

Every month we organize an interdisciplinary voting clinic in our practice. This in collaboration with ENT physician Dr. Olivia Vandenbulcke in such a way that we can compare medical imaging and clinical data from different paramedical disciplines .


There is close contact and monthly consultation between a close-knit team of experts so that we can easily refer you to each other and offer you the best care.

Vandenbulcke Dr.jpg

dr. Olivia Vandenbulcke

ENT doctor

Kristel (4 van 1).jpg

Kristel Lamerichs

Singing coach


Kevin Boddaert


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