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Kazoo is an exercise is a series of SOVT exercises, namely Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract. These exercises maximize the interaction between the sound source (voice fold vibration) and the attachment (vocal tract), resulting in a more efficient and less stressful phonation.

Because the outflow of air/sound is hindered (by constriction/extension or additional vibration) a backward pressure is created, making the voice folds close more easily and with less muscular tension. The backward pressure reduces the subglottic pressure needed to achieve vocal fold vibration, resulting in a less powerful adduction.


Effects of SOVT:

  • Optimal positioning of the vocal folds due to even oral pressure
  • Modification of the supraglottic space reduces the phonation dampening pressure which facilitates the self-oscilling behaviour of the tuning folds
  • Less hard/aggressive tuning crease contact at closure
  • Production of very high tones is possible by pure oscilation
  • Better preservation of the register balance

Each product comes with the thoroughly worked out exercise so you can get started right away at home! In addition, you will receive a video instruction to further explain the written exercise.

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