"The art of communication is the language of leadership"

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Talking intelligibly with a mouth mask, not that easy!

Many teachers start the new school year masked. Anouk has provided 6 tips to help you get started and prevent voice fatigue.


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Spreken voor publiek

Without a doubt, convey your story, an audience that hangs on your every word and in the meantime you get them to laugh again.

Public speaking is much more than a PowerPoint. With the right techniques you learn to convey your story confidently.

Stemzorg voor leerkrachten

Research shows that 1 in 3 teachers sometimes or often has voice problems. It is therefore extremely important to take care of your voice and ensure that you can prevent voice problems.

Anouk is happy to help you with this!

Verbindende communicatie:


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Articulatietraining als student

Follow a group program of 7 weeks in a small group of 6 people. After this training you will have more insight into your own speech and you can start right away at home.

Marie provides a personal approach and follows you up in the meantime.

Van idee tot podcast

There are many interesting people with very good ideas, but often they lack the courage to tell their story. You probably recognize that!

Or you have started a podcast but notice that your message is not getting across to your listener in the right way. Your vote is an important part!

Digitaliseren als logopedist

In this digital age, it is important to better manage your time and ensure that you can better guide your patients. Anouk teaches you how she organizes her practice and how she digitizes more and more.

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More coming soon

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