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Voice Tools is a range of professional equipment designed by Anouk. In the proliferation of material and exercises that can be found through various channels, I have put material on the market myself. The difference is that it is more than material. With every order you will always receive written instructions and video instructions. Rather, they are mini courses .


The material has been carefully selected based on 3 principles:

  • Scientific, substantiated exercises

          The material is based on scientific studies. You will find all the information and the latest research and

publications back here .


  • Tested and approved by our team

          We only offer material that we have thoroughly tested. This ensures that only the best material is made available. The team also uses the material in practice on a daily basis.


  • Online and offline guidance

          After your order you will receive video instructions and the written exercise by e-mail. This way you can get started right away. Afterwards, Anouk can be reached by e-mail if you have any questions about a product.




Orders are always picked up on Mondays

1 - 2 days national shipments ✉ 1 - 5 days international shipments

Free shipping from 100 € (only in Belgium)

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